Finding The Right Men’s Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a powerful fashion statement. Whether you want to create a hip-hop look or want to accessorize another type of outfit, it is important to choose the right stud earrings. There are a few things to consider when shopping for diamond jewelry and you will also want to make sure that you purchase quality earrings.

You can find stud earrings as small as 2mm or decide to go bigger. It really depends on how noticeable you want the earrings to be. Keep in mind that you might only be able to afford small diamonds if you are shopping on a budget.

Conceptual art portrait of spooky weird beautiful handsome young middle east brunette blue eyes man face with beard piercing in ears wearing blue hoodie looking in cameraCompare Different Metals

You can find gold, white gold, silver and other metals when shopping for mens diamond stud earrings. Choose a metal you like and make sure it will look good with the diamonds you want. If you want gold earrings, keep in mind that the carat weight of the gold will influence the price of the earrings. Platinum is an excellent option if you are looking for durable jewelry

Learn More About Diamond Quality

Diamonds are graded according to different factors that determine their quality and price. Because the diamonds will be set in an earring, there is no need to shop for flawless diamonds. Make sure the cut is well-executed and that small flaws are either not noticeable or covered by the setting.

Find A Sturdy Setting

It is important to choose diamond earrings with a quality setting to avoid losing a diamond. Prong settings are a popular style for men’s earrings. A prong setting is ideal if you want to display the diamonds but settings with fewer prongs will be less reliable. Martini, basket and crown basket settings are also popular styles.

Choose Comfortable Earrings

Wearing stud earrings can get uncomfortable after a while, especially if you are not used to wearing earrings. Look for earrings with a clasp that corresponds to the style you are used to wearing and remember that the size and weight of the earrings will determine how comfortable they are. Look for a setting with a flat back if you plan on wearing the earrings often.

Find A Style You Like

There are two main popular trends when it comes to mens diamond stud earrings. You are going to come across earrings with a single large diamonds and see some ice cube stud earrings with several smaller diamonds embedded into the earrings. Single studs usually have a round cut or a princess cut diamond.

There are many things to consider when shopping for diamond earrings for men. You should look at different styles to figure out which ones you like and ask yourself how much you want to spend on the earrings. Compare different metals, settings and clasps to find earrings that will be comfortable to wear and durable. Find out more about diamond gradings to get a better understanding of what you are buying and to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.