Guide to Selecting Jewelry Boxes For Women

A woman gets to a point in her life where she collects so much jewelry that she has to have a suitable jewelry box for everything. She no longer wants to toss bracelets onto a hook hanging on her bedroom wall. She wants a place for every piece of jewelry and have that place be a secure, stylish and beautiful jewelry box.  Here is a guide that will help anyone select the perfect jewelry boxes for women.

Vintage Jewelry and Open Jewelry Box on TableA good jewelry box will usually be made of a sturdy material that is capable of lasting for decades. It will have sliding drawers and other compartments as well as sections where necklaces can be hung. Jewelry boxes can hold everything from rings to bracelets and brooches. When selecting the best box, pay attention to the size first to make sure it will accommodate as much as possible. It should also have room for more pieces as a woman builds upon her special jewelry collection.

Some women do not like the idea of a box. There are other options for her to securely store jewelry. There are jewelry trays. These can fit in any drawer and can be placed together to hold anything including necklaces without getting the jewelry tangled or otherwise damaged.

These trays are made of wood and have satin linings. They can be stacked in any dresser drawer for convenience and offer a great deal of ease when one searches for various pieces as everything is laid out within easy reach.

The material of the box is important to consider. Wooden boxes are excellent choices because they will last for a long time. Leather can also be a good choice but it has to be cared for correctly to last.

Interior materials must be satin or velvet. The reason for this is that you do not want any damage to be done to gemstones that are held in the box. The lining also helps hold pendants or charms in place without getting them tangled.

The box must also be designed to hold all items in place securely. Make certain doors to the box click when they close. Be certain that all the drawers slide in and out securely. You may also want to invest in a jewelry box that has a lock and key.

Choose a jewelry box for the compartments that it has too. As with the linings, compartments help keep jewelry safe from damage. Necklaces need their own compartments. Bracelets can go in fabric covered sections, and rings can go in individual ring slots. Earrings need to be hung separately.

If a jewelry collection is particularly large, consider a jewelry armoire. It is a furnishing that looks a lot like a jewelry box with drawers but it stands alone freely.  These are ideal for large necklace collections as the necklaces can be stored in a hanging position on the armoire’s side doors.

Choose jewelry boxes for women or furnishings with care. It will safely and beautifully hold any type of jewelry collection.

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